Night of the Proms

The AIDA Night of the Proms is a musical event unparalleled in Europe. Now in its 18th year, the show is beloved by a steadily growing community of fans in Germany; in Belgium, the Proms’ country of origin, they have been successful for 26 years as a meeting-point between classical and pop, arias and chart hits, suits and leather jackets, stilettos and sneakers, Tchaikovsky and Boy George.
The AIDA Night of the Proms is acknowledged as a peerless builder of bridges between all musical genres, a blend that makes the event stand out from all other concerts and ensures a distinctive and unique experience. Year by year, over 100,000 concert-goers snap up tickets in advance without the need to know which stars they will ultimately experience. This perfectly confirms the confidence that fans have in the quality of the show, built over the years and consistently confirmed again and again.